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Jiangmen Hengjian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Jiangmen Hengjian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1972, now renamed in 1998, and after 30 years of development, has become a tablets, capsules, granules, ointment, cream, gel , tincture, liniment, oil, rubber cream, solution agents, medicinal materials, such as more than 110 more than a dozen varieties of forms, as well as cosmetics and medical devices more than 10 varieties of products integrated drug manufacturers. Company existing staff 500 people, including pharmaceutical and other technical personnel more than 100 people.

2002 million more than 6000 companies to invest in high-tech Industrial Park, Jiangmen City, a new GMP plant for the transformation, the purchase of a large number of advanced pharmaceutical equipment, the new factory covers an area of 61000 ㎡, construction area of 33000 ㎡, the factory environment, green good , 65.2% green space, building density of 16.8 percent in 2004, after the completion of GMP certification has been fully adopted for the development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

In 2006, the company and the modern Chinese Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of cooperation agents, and its construction, "a joint laboratory of transdermal formulations", we can give full play to the institutions of higher learning in the medical science and technology resources, research technology, education and personnel training of the overall advantages also make full use of the drug companies from the characteristics of industrialization of the advantages, the creation of a industry, academia, research platform for the good cooperation, to improve my company's new drug R & D capability, advanced training and promotion of business areas such as the rapid development of benign will play a very important role.

In 2008, the company achieved sales revenue of 230 million yuan. Sales network covers 25 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide. The main products cefalexin capsules, cefixime particles, hydrogen peroxide solution, Kai Sai Lu, hemostasis posted sales of five varieties of a single super-tens of millions of dollars.
Hengjian people in "the creation of good quality, long-lasting health of people" of faith, sincere cooperation, exploration and innovation, to provide the community with high quality, safe products.