Notice on change of company name


Dear customer!

Our company "Jiangmen HENGJIAN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." is now renamed as "Guangdong HENGJIAN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." the relevant changes have been completed, and the new materials were launched on January 19, 2010 (including).

The new information is as follows:

Company name: Guangdong HENGJIAN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (name change, other information unchanged)

Taxpayer identification number: 440704193959639

Address and Tel: No. 117, Longxi Road, Jiangmen City, 3869317

Opening bank and account No.: Jiangmen City Industrial and Commercial Bank Urban sub branch 2012002609024528161

Since January 19, 2010 (included), please settle the payment with us and use the new data.

If the name change brings inconvenience to your company, we look forward to Haihan!

Best regards!

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